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Septic tanks are a cost-effective septic solution for residential wastewater treatment. With low maintenance requirements and no need for pumps, they’re ideal for remote and rural households. However, the quality of the final liquid waste or ‘effluent’ is poor. Generally, you will only be able to install one of these systems if you are on acreage and there are no dams or waterways nearby.
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If you have a smaller property or land with environmentally sensitive features you will most likely require a treatment plant. Treatment plants require a power supply as they incorporate pumps, blowers and aerators to treat the effluent water. Your local council can advise what type of system you require in accordance with their regulations.


Once you have this information, we can advise on which type of tank is best suited to your property. We will take care of delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance of your system. All councils require wastewater treatment systems to have quarterly servicing. So, whether your septic tank is installed by us, or is already in use, we can help keep it running.
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